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Thursday, March 24, 2005

Bouncing like the Easter Bunny!

It's Maundy Thursday, the sun's shining and after 1pm, I'm not back at work until next Wednesday! I'm a simple creature & life can't get much better than the prospect of a lovely long weekend...

As usual, my life has been a combination of frantic activity when socialising & working and deathly silence as I try to catch up on the never-ending housework...

To start with the social life, after a very pleasant lunch a couple of weeks ago, M appears to have vanished off the face of the earth. The last contact I had was a brief message to say that his father was very ill in hospital & I've heard nothing since. The nice side of me hopes that everything's okay but assumes that the worst happened & M's been up to his eyes in arrangements. The rather more cynical side assumes that for some unknown reason he's decided not to be friends and has used it as an excuse not to be in touch - most peculiar!

However, after having been in touch with another guy (henceforth known as A!) for few weeks & finding out that he's got a suitably dark sense of humour combined with a healthy amount of intelligence, we met for the first time recently. A pub lunch turned into talking all afternoon & a trip to the cinema to see "Hitch" (v funny!) that evening. Which turned into an extremely good Italian meal last week and him taking his life in his hands when I cook for him this evening - is he brave or stupid? Only time will tell...

Last weekend was an ideal opportunity to catch up with essential chores so on the first warm, sunny & dry day of the year, my filthy car was washed, laundry was hung outside & I even braved the fresh air to stitch outside in the sun. :-) Ex-OH volunteered to come round to do essential jobs like mowing the lawn and changing the pond filter (nasty job - luckily only an annual event) - at the moment he's not got his own garden so I'm more than happy for him to still be chief gardener!

My old friend B is coming up for the Easter weekend so I'm hoping for good weather - he has this unreasonable view that the north of England is permanently cold, wet and grey - and expect that the next few days will centre around food, drink & gossip... I will, of course, be introducing him to the best that Manchester has to offer & proving to him that those of us in the north manage to survive perfectly well without the so-called benefits of living in the south-east!

As for my design work, the stitching for latest release is now virtually complete and the perils of construction await...gulp....... The Sampler Guild retreat in Cumbria is fast approaching & I would like the piece to be completed so I can give the members a sneak preview! Linda Hadden (TSG High Priestess!) is currently looking into workshop provision in Cheshire for later in the year and I'm looking forward to chatting to her about her ideas - there could well be a Blue Coppice original as one of the pieces offered... ;-)

That's all for today - I've got a lot to do before I shoot off for the weekend! Happy Easter everyone - I hope the rabbits are plentiful and the chocolate even more so!


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