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Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Where did February go exactly?

Where do I start? Just when I think I've got a spare second to write, something else crops up & another day has passed...

Two busy weekends have gone by since my last blog entry and I can hardly believe how the time has flown! J, my old uni friend, visited from Cardiff during the first weekend - much talking, shopping and dancing was done and we even managed to squeeze in a visit to the cinema to see "Hide & Seek" (Robert de Niro et al)! Well, we're both too old to go dancing till the early hours for two nights in a row... ;-)

We don't see each other very often and our schedules often clash so we count ourselves lucky to organise a weekend together every 6 months! It invariably means that we don't get much sleep as we're too busy catching up on the gossip...and reliving student days by dancing until our ageing knees give out. Ouch.

For the following week, I caught up on the housework and worked on my latest piece for the next weekend while meeting M (intelligent, witty guy from the last entry!) for a very enjoyable lunch. I had a call out of the blue mid-week from another old friend (he of the amazing cheesecake) inviting me out to dinner on Thursday as he was in the area on business. A couple of bottles of wine and a couple of delicious Pad Thai later, we giggle our way back to the station only to find that he's completely mistaken the time of his last train home...oops....

However, it meant that I had the pleasure of his company on Friday as he stayed over with me and hitched a lift back to London! I had already planned to visit my parents so it only involved a short detour off the motorway, and it was a much more enjoyable journey for me - although I had to save the singing very badly at the top of my voice for the return trip on Sunday. All together now "...Honky Tonk WOMAN...Honky Tonk Bluuuuuueeeeeeesssssssssssss..."

Dropping B off wasn't the only detour - before then, we drove via Woburn to visit Rosemary Sharman of The Country Cross Stitcher who has been supplying my designs for the past few months. Sadly, Rosemary was feeling a little under the weather thanks to one of the many bugs around at the moment, and not looking forward to the annual stock-taking! However we had a good chat and it gave her the opportunity to see my latest pieces in person, including a sneak preview of my next release which features Rajmahal floss - a beautiful viscose mix with the most fabulous sheen that Rosemary introduced me to last year.

From Woburn to London, and from there onto my parents in time for the 6pm aperitifs...

...where I discovered that in the chaos of leaving in the morning, I'd left behind the pieces I wanted to work on. I had the floss, the scissors, the patterns, and even spare linen - but not WIPs and no needles!! So it was a bit of enforced stitch-rest until I made it back on Sunday evening :-( Despite this traumatic event, I had a fantastic weekend, rounded off with my first piece of barbequed steak of the year - snow was still on the ground but my father was undeterred and excelled himself by producing ribeye steak cooked to perfection!

Last night saw the return of the housework fairy - and an early night. I'm off for lunch with M today (just need to decide where to go) and might be seeing him again later in the week...but all things can change!


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